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It is the most important and anxious time of the year: applying to college! You are probably wondering which major should you choose, what school suits you the best, and most importantly, how can I get admitted? We know that the whole process is overwhelming and challenging. At OptiMusical, we have some of the most accomplished musicians from top music schools to help you through the journey!

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Music Education

Music Business

Music Therapy

How We Work?

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How We Work?

Mutual Understanding

We start with a free consultation session, building mutual understanding and trust

After a series of professional evaluations, we brainstorm the right major and schools for you

Evaluation and Brainstorm

Finalize Plan

Decide target school, construct a customized service package to help you succeed 

Tackle the Application

We offer services that will enhance all components of your online application

Artistic Assistances

Repertoire selection, video evaluation and online lessons are among the services we offer 

Live Audition

From mock audition, to interview guidance, we offer many services that ensure a successful audition

Entrance Exam Prep

Don't panic about entrance exams. Our tutors will promptly prepare you for these exams

The Final Takeoff

After getting admitted, we will make sure you choose the best school and receive $ scholarship

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